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Our Story

Our Story

In 2006, D’Confectionery of Asian Kueh Expertise was acquired by Mr CH Lim, our current Managing Director. In line with a more corporate outlook, Mr CH Lim renamed the company to D’CAKE, the abbreviation of D’Confectionery of Asian Kueh Expertise. Under the steadfast and progressive leadership of Mr. C H Lim, D’CAKE has transformed to a HACCP and HALAL certified food production centre. Diversifying from only Ang Ku Kuehs as our only product to a full range of items, including Nonya Kuehs, Kek lapis, and even savoury items for all occasions. Making D’Cake a leader in traditional tasting delicacies in Singapore. ‘一粒红龟稞走天下’. This is the common slogan used by Mr. CH Lim. The company vision is to bring our products to every corner of the world.

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Customise your own Party Pack!

Customise your own Party Pack!

Individually select items you would like in your own Party Pack!

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Select items required!

2. Min 10pcs or more PER TYPE for all kuehs. (Except Ondeh, Akk, Kueh Dar Dar, Steam Cake)

3. Enter details and CHECK OUT!

4. Wait for your order to arrive at your delivery location!

Party Pack

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